Are horses incredibly beautiful animals? Of course they are! That’s one of the reasons we love them, and a good reason why we like to pictures of these gorgeous creatures on our horse shirts! These are t-shirts that proclaim your love for horses and your admiration for their strength and free spirit.


There is so much to love and admire about horses. Think of a horse’s flowing mane, their beautiful and expressive eyes, their shiny coat. Many people are inspired by the horse’s impressive presence and strength. What better way is there to show our love and respect for horses than by showing them on our clothes? And here at The Mountain, our horse shirts run the gamut, from realistic horse portraits of your favorite breeds to patriotic-themed horse t-shirts to designs that evoke Native American horse art.

We offer a wide range of cotton T-shirt designs with pictures of horses on various colored tee-shirts for men, women and children. Some offer custom patterns. Many of these crew necks are unisex. The patterns include a grouping of horses that look like something out of a cave painting. There are patriotic pictures of horses, with the American flag included. All of these eye-catching designs have been created by professional artists with incredible talent.

So when you want to show your love for horses in style, take advantage of what our company has to offer. We want you to be satisfied, so we offer only the best! Our graphic T-shirts will amaze you with their colors and designs, and we use only the best materials: medium weight, pre-shrunk, 100% cotton.

With their proud, majestic beauty, horses are symbolic of strength, freedom and power. You can proudly display your love for horses by wearing our stylish, horse themed print t-shirts. These artistic t-shirts not only look great, but they’re also comfortable and made to last. You’ll want one for every day of the week!

You can choose from our wide selection of stunning designs in crew neck t-shirts that are made to order. We have men’s, women’s and kids’ horse shirts in lots of different sizes, so you can put your whole family in our cool cotton t-shirts. Kids especially love horses, so why not outfit them with some of our best designs today? They’ll love showing off their brand new tees to their friends, and you can be assured these tees are of the highest quality -- so they can stand up to kids who are tough on clothes.

Our gorgeous horse tees can be worn to school, shopping, parties and on casual days at work. T-shirts are versatile and can be dressed up or down, depending on your mood. Because all types of people are horse lovers, the t-shirt designs we offer range from Native American painting styles to beautiful patriotic Americana styles. What they all have in common is breathtaking art and vibrant color.

We sell only the most beautiful designs, so you’ll be proud to wear our horse t-shirts anywhere. Show the world your animal side by wearing a horse themed print shirt!

We offer free shipping in the US for all orders over $25. So, go on and show your love and care for horses by buying beautiful horse t shirts for yourself and your family from The Mountain!


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