Kids T-Shirts

Kids Tees - T-Shirts for Children

Who says only adults can have gorgeous, comfy, high quality crew neck t-shirts? Not us! At The Mountain, our kids shirts Collection has crew neck t-shirts with the amazing artist-designed graphics we’re known for. Our children’s t-shirts come in three categories: Animals, Fantasy and Dinosaurs!

Our Animal graphic cotton t-shirts for kids come in many styles, from cute and cuddly (bunnies, golden retriever puppies and more) to fierce (lions and sharks!). And yes, there are plenty of kids’ animal shirts featuring wolves and moons! In the Fantasy category, we have everything from awesome dragons to butterfly kitten fairies (really, can you even get any cuter than that?), unicorns, mermaids and more. Got a kid who’s more Jurassic than classic? Do we have the children’s dino t-shirts for you! From velociraptors to triceratops, from the brachiosaurus to the ever-popular king of the dinosaurs, T. Rex, there’s plenty of styles to please the little dinosaur fans in your life.

Like our adult cotton t-shirts, our collection of kids’ t-shirts are made from the finest materials, dyed with organic dyes and pre-shrunk for comfort and superior fit. Raise your kids right: Dress them in gorgeous children’s t-shirts from The Mountain!