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Welcome to the mountain

Our Values

Our company defined itself as an eco-friendly apparel manufacturer at the moment the very first t-shirt ran through the screen back in the early 90s. It was then that we made a very important decision to put the environment first by choosing water based inks and organic reactive dyes as the foundation of our production process. Since then, our eco-friendly mindset has expanded and evolved into something that makes us pretty unique in our industry. And we are pretty proud of that.

Since then, we have:

  • Recycled over 4,000,000 gallons of water (and counting) through our innovative waste water purification system
  • Implemented an automatic screen washing system that recycles 50% of its process water
  • Converted all of the lighting in our buildings to use energy efficient LED bulbs
  • Earned the Oekotex 100% certification, which means our t-shirts and other apparel contain no harmful chemicals
  • Eliminated thousands of pounds of plastic by converting to direct to screen printing
  • Switched to 100% recycled cardboard for shipping
  • Installed filtered water refilling stations in our offices to reduce plastic bottle waste
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Our Values



Two lifelong friends from New Jersey with nothing more than the American dream, set out to turn that dream into reality.

Buckle Up

After moving to New Hampshire, the duo began making belts and buckles to peddle at fairs and festivals. Their success led them to open their first retail store in 1972. Their most popular item was a belt adorned with a mountain scene. This became the inspiration behind the brand name.

Upward Climb

Before long, The Mountain owned and operated 30 retail locations throughout the Mid-Atlantic states where they sold their own hand-dyed and printed tees alongside dozens of other alternative culture products.


To A Tee

Our two dreamers met up with two other like-minded artists who were taking their own stab at the American dream selling t-shirts. Together they built a print shop and The Mountain brand was born.

In The Groove

The Mountain began to focus on producing and distributing their own line of wildly popular t-shirts, and was officially licensed to print tees featuring The Grateful Dead, Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix.

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Our Values

Since day one, The Mountain has been committed to creating our Artwear using sustainable manufacturing processes. We strive to operate our production facilities with a “leave no trace” attitude. This means that after we are finished dyeing and printing our graphic t-shirts, we want to ensure that there is no negative impact on our local and global environment. You could even say that being green is simply in our company’s DNA.

Before it was the popular thing to do, we sought out innovative methods to dye and print our t-shirts using water-based inks and organic reactive dyes. This served as the foundation for our green manufacturing process, and we haven’t looked back.

Since this decision was made in the early 90s, we have continued to evolve our green philosophy and expand it beyond the walls of our production facilities. We consider ourselves true pioneers in the apparel industry, and our promise to you is to always fight for sustainability and never settle for less.

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