Happy Birthday Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt!

Happy Birthday Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt!

Posted by Colleen Manzi on 25th Jul 2017

This month we celebrate the creation of the most stunning, most influential, most magical t-shirt design ever printed - the infamous Three Wolf Moon. It seems like just yesterday… we were working on our latest collection of awesome wolf t-shirts, and this design by one of our favorite artists, Antonia Neshev, featuring three beautiful wolves howling at a full moon, made the cut. It wasn’t a slam dunk, like you may think. As an art company, we see A LOT of art. And lots of that art is WOLF ART. Because wolves are awesome… but I digress… Three Wolf Moon. What a story.

It all started back in November 2008 with a zany review by a student at Rutgers University. He didn’t actually own the shirt… it mysteriously came up as a recommended product during an Amazon search for a required textbook. From his satirical review, thousands of others sprung, and before we knew it, the world was buzzing about its powers. Thousands of others reviewed the shirt, and it has since been featured in countless articles on media networks all over the world.

Click here to read the review that started it all.

To celebrate Three Wolf Moon’s 13th birthday, we’re giving away an authentic, original Three Wolf Moon t-shirt. We asked you to submit your own review of this iconic tee, for your chance to win. And you did not disappoint!

Congratulations to Tamara Riley-Wilson for this gem. Nicely done, Tamara!

Jung would say that certain archetypes are embedded it in our collective subconscious . The wolf is one of those archetypes. That calls to our primordial soul that longs for the freedom and simplicity of the the roving pack whose laws are reflective of a more simpler, honest era:

"Protect your pack, show no fear, respect the elder,teach the young, lead your companions, survive each day, hunt your enemies, howl to a new tomorrow, adapt to your environment, explore the unknown, demonstrate no weakness, never back down and leave your mark."
- Rafhael Vieira

Three Wolf Moon is a tribute to the wolves that still survive and a call to the wolf that dwells within us all. Plus it is one bad ass shirt!

Well said, Tamara. Your brand new Three Wolf Moon tee is on its way!

In closing, we couldn’t be more proud of our little wolf tee. We’ll leave you with one of our favorite tributes by College Humor. May you paint with all the Colors of the Wind.