Our Values

Our Values


Here at The Mountain, our core values are intricately woven into every fiber of our company – everything from our green manufacturing process to the energy efficient way we light our buildings – is designed to reflect our commitment to the core tenets that have served as the pillars of our company since day one.

Our company defined itself as an eco-friendly apparel manufacturer at the moment the very first t-shirt ran through the screen back in the early 90s. It was then that we made a very important decision to put the environment first by choosing water based inks and organic reactive dyes as the foundation of our production process. Since then, our eco-friendly mindset has expanded and evolved into something that makes us pretty unique in our industry. And we are pretty proud of that.

Since then, we have:

  • Recycled over 4,000,000 gallons of water (and counting) through our innovative waste water purification system
  • Implemented an automatic screen washing system that recycles 50% of its process water
  • Converted all of the lighting in our buildings to use energy efficient LED bulbs
  • Earned the Oekotex 100% certification, which means our t-shirts and other apparel contain no harmful chemicals
  • Eliminated thousands of pounds of plastic by converting to direct to screen printing
  • Switched to 100% recycled cardboard for shipping
  • Installed filtered water refilling stations in our offices to reduce plastic bottle waste

Why do we wear clothing? Besides the obvious reason, have you every stopped to think about why you choose to wear what you do? At The Mountain, we believe that your clothing should tell a story. Not just any story. Your story.

This is why we offer the boldest designs on uniquely hand dyed apparel. And this why is our apparel is more than just images on fabric –it is Artwear. It is the point where art and apparel intersect to become a powerful vehicle of personal expression. We hope –no, we insist –that when you put on a Mountain shirt, you will embrace your originality and unapologetically demonstrate your character.

At The Mountain, we are many things. We are mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, creators, innovators, influencers. We are all different, but we are all human. This commonality is what motivates our mission to give back.

  • • Purchase with a Purpose -Through our partnerships with charitable organizations, we work to bolster our communities –locally and globally –by empowering the individuals who make up those communities. We do this by donating a portion of every t-shirt sold through one of our Purchase with a Purpose Collections. Learn more about our efforts here.
  • • Our Artists - Without our talented artist partners from around the world, we would not be The Mountain. Well, maybe we would, but we wouldn’t be nearly as cool. The artists who create the incredible designs on our Artwear impress us, humble us, elevate us, and challenge us. Their artistic vision is at the core of who we are and what we do. This is why a portion of every t-shirt sold goes back to the artist who created it –a practice we have proudly followed through with since day one.
  • • The Mountain Crew - Finally, we wouldn’t be The Mountain without our dedicated group of fans who share our passions and live our spirit. The #MountainCrew community inspires us to dig in deeper, stay firm in our commitments and continue to push the envelope in the world of fashion and design. We thank you for being you.
  • • Inclusiveness - To honor those seeking racial justice, we’ve been taking time to reflect, listen and learn by starting to look at ourselves, our business and our community. We are presently putting plans in place to expand our family of global artists so we can continue to dig deeper, stay challenged, push the envelope, and be humbled by each artist's extraordinary, creative and differing view. As we do this, know that we are proud to stand with those working for racial equality everywhere.