GO STEM! The Mountain Visits a Group of Campers at Our Local College

GO STEM! The Mountain Visits a Group of Campers at Our Local College

Posted by Michelle Hendelman on 9th Aug 2018

We love being part of a small community tucked away in the Monadnock region of New Hampshire's southwestern corner. Even though we are a small business, we try to make a big impact in our local community and surrounding area. Really, we see giving back as our one of our core responsibilities, so when the GO STEM! Summer Camp at Keene State College asked us to give the final presentation to their campers once again this year, we jumped at the opportunity!

The camp – geared toward middle school girls – helps these young women develop the skills and knowledge they need to build a strong foundation in science, technology, engineering, and math. More importantly, perhaps, the camp strives to empower young women with the confidence to boldly pursue their interests in these fields. As the picture below displays, there is nothing more important than a positive “can do” attitude.

Photo of campers wearing custom t-shirts by The Mountain at this year's GO STEM! Camp
Image source: Keene State College

The Mountain Visits GO STEM! Camp

This year, two representatives from The Mountain visited the campers and delivered a final presentation focused on our environmentally friendly t-shirt printing process and how we apply STEM methodology every step of the way. We also shared a little bit about our mission to build community, embrace diversity, and promote individual expression through our bold and unique Artwear. Finally we emphasized the importance of giving back and explained our philanthropic partnerships that we are extremely proud of.

The campers listened eagerly to what we had to say and seemed proud to have a company like The Mountain right here in their own community. They also really loved the ceramic mugs and stickers we handed out!

While the campers were very interested in us, we were way more interested in the amazing things they were learning about during their week at the GO STEM camp! This year, the campers were learning how to power cell phones with solar panels, among other interesting projects reflecting socially responsible, sustainable, and renewable technologies.

Mickey Coffield, Custom Printing Coordinator at The Mountain, attended the final day of camp and presented on behalf of the company said, "It is truly amazing to see the things these girls make using tools and creativity in ways I never thought I could do as a young girl! You can see the passion flow through from the instructors to the girls and outwards to the rest of us. It is something I look forward to every year! Go S.T.E.M.!"  

Community Involvement and Our Core Values

We were so proud to be invited back to this year’s GO STEM! Camp and we are even more proud to have our headquarters in a community that provides so many opportunities to give back and share our message of social and environmental responsibility.

Check out our About Us section to read more about our efforts in sustainability, our community driven mindset, and our appreciation of individual expression.