Month-by-month at The Mountain

Month-by-month at The Mountain

5th Jan 2018

Shucks. It looks like we didn’t make any of the spectacular “best of” lists that often dominate the news cycle at the start of a new year. But that doesn’t preclude us from creating our own “best of” list, does it?

So here’s our offering: A list of our best-selling designs from each month in 2017 here at The Mountain, with a little bit about each design and why we love it so.


Featuring a wolf running through snow, our Snow Plow Hoodie took home top honors to start the year. Created by Seattle-based artist Collin Bogle, the Snow Plow image captures the raw grace of winter and the blue-grey tint of our sweatshirt perfectly captures the color of a cold sky.


From our Big Face Animals collection, the Grizzly Growl T-Shirt rose up and dominated February. Fierce and powerful, this 3D image is a head turner, and the kid-sized version of this is always a popular choice.

MARCH 2017

Interestingly, this was the only month that went to the dogs, and we can’t think of a better image to represent our canine friends than our Black Lab Face T-shirt. Like February, this is a 3D image, and while not as raw as a roaring grizzly, it sure is cute and cuddly.

APRIL 2017

A wolf image by Collin Bogle comes in first again. This time it’s the Northern Lights T-shirt that’s distinctly reminiscent of Snow Plow. Later in 2017, we began making coffee mugs and Northern Lights has proven hugely popular as a mug, too.

MAY 2017

Frankly, we wondered when the much-loved Three Wolf Moon Classic T-shirt would rise to the top. It took until May (maybe somebody unearthed the all-time greatest Amazon review from 2008). We’re sure this will climb to the summit of the charts sometime in 2018, too. It is, after all, the perfect shirt.

June 2017

In the sixth month, we got our fourth wolf shirt as the best-seller, this time it was Wolf Lookout by artist Tami Alba (who counts the tiger as her spirit animal.) Wolf Lookout is serene and peaceful, and a great addition to a summer wardrobe.

JULY 2017

Technically in our fantasy collection, Dragon Wolf Moon still counts as a wolf shirt, making it the fifth wolf to top our sales charts in the first seven months of last year. Designed by artist Ed Beard, Dragon Wolf is a unique shirt and sure to elicit stares and knowing head nods when you wear it in public.


You might remember that we had an eclipse in August, which helps explain why yet another wolf rocketed to the top of our sales charts for the month – this time it was, fittingly, Eclipse Wolves by artist Dimitar Neshev, one of our most popular designers. Eclipse Wolves harkens back to Three Wolf Moon, but the eclipse made it just a bit more mystical and magical.


We saw our run of wolves come to a screeching halt here, when our Sabertooth Tiger T-Shirt roared to the top. This is an interesting design from artist Jerry LoFaro, whose work you’ve undoubtedly seen on books, in advertisements and even on boxes and tins of tea.


We featured artist Lisa Parker in an interview in October, and lo and behold, her Witching Hour was our best selling shirt that month. Yes, this is loosely a Halloween shirt, but it’s so enchanting and mysterious it deserves to be worn more than one day out of the year.


As we started to look ahead to winter, we started to move into the holiday gift-giving season. Fire Dragon nailed the top spot in November. A cool fantasy design, this design is from our 2018 collection.


Another 2018 design bubbled to the top to end the new year, this one is Emerald Forest, a groovy image of a tiger peering out of some jungle shrubbery on an emerald-colored shirt.