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Unleashing 2018

Unleashing 2018

Posted by The Mountain on 16th Jan 2018

In our last blog post we looked at the year that was, with a month-by-month review of the most loved designs of 2017.

Now we look to the future.

In the lead-up to the holidays we started rolling out our 2018 line. Today we are more than pleased to announce that the full selection is out for you to experience. Below we have highlighted a selection of must-see designs from some of our best-known artists. Enjoy!

New for this year are a dozen vibrantly colored designs of loveable dogs and cats designed by Dean Russo, one of The Mountain’s most-loved artists. We’re especially enraptured by his “Savvy Labrador,” because it perfectly captures the soulful eyes of a smart and relaxed Lab.

Another rock-start artist featured in the 2018 line is Tami Alba, who shared four new designs with us. Alba is a specialist with capturing charismatic mega-fauna in her art and her “Gorilla Jungle” is absolutely jaw dropping.

The United Kingdom-based David Penfound, who we adore for his Native American-themed art, lights up 2018 with some awe-inspiring animal designs. You might have already seen his “Papa Penguin” which we recently shared on Facebook. Given the positive feedback from our followers we expect a whole new legion of Penfound enthusiasts to emerge.

For fantasy fans, the celebrated Ann Stokes has an assortment of new offerings including the alluring and ominous “Wyrmling,” a youthful dragon that sends the imagination into overdrive.

There are plenty more new designs in the collection that we are sure you will love. Take a peekand check out Jerry LoFaro’s “Happiest T-Rex” or Collin Bogle’s “Sunlit Soulmates.” You won’t be disappointed.

In a future blog post we’ll highlight the “Protect Line” – a selection of apparel and accessories that shines light on the most critically endangered animal species on Earth. We know that you will be inspired by the wild beauty and share our desire to protect the fantastic creatures of our world.

- The Mountain