My Mountain Opens The World Of Possibilities

My Mountain Opens The World Of Possibilities

23rd Feb 2018

We’ve heard you. Loud and clear. We’re going to give you more choices.

Our new “My Mountain” program gives you the ability to put your favorite art on your favorite canvas (body style of shirt) with your favorite pallet (color).

It’s a level of customization unlike anything we’ve done before. We’ll start “My Mountain” with almost 100 of our most iconic designs – from our classic wolf favorites to Dean Russo’s pets. Each design will be offered in up to eight colors, and available in unisex, women’s, and children’s sizes.

Retail price for shirts purchased in the “My Mountain” program will be the same as our standard-issue shirts, starting at $22.00 for adult unisex and women’s tees, and $16.00 for kids tees.

In feedback we heard from customers, the one thing that came through loud and clear is that you wanted more color choices. Now you’ve got it. Want to put “Three Wolf Moon” on a red T-shirt? We can do that. Want to put a “Pug Face” on a blue shirt? You could do that, too.

By early autumn, we’re aiming to have 300 designs available in the on-line “My Mountain” program, as well as additional body styles like hoodies and long-sleeved tees.

So, go ahead, customize away!