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The Mountain Back to College Guide: Deck Your Dorm with Fresh New Gear This Year

The Mountain Back to College Guide: Deck Your Dorm with Fresh New Gear This Year

Posted by Michelle Hendelman on 26th Jul 2018

The time is quickly approaching where 17-22 year olds across the world need to start switching gears and starting thinking about how to get out of beach bum mode and into book worm mode. The transition from the clubs to the classroom is never an easy one, but if there is anything that makes it a little more tolerable, it is the chance to shop for one-of-a-kind  back to school clothingaccessoriesdorm decorations, and more.

As kids, we all kind of rolled our eyes at the thought of trudging through the local big box store, checking off each item on the long school supplies list, but secretly, we loved the crisp new backpack, trendy lunchbox, and decorative pencil cases. Why? Because this is the stuff that back to school first impressions are made of. These items, although meant to be functional, became more like mini fashion statements.

The truth is we never really outgrow that feeling, and somewhere inside of us, there are the same excitement as you head back to college with your new gear that represents you, your interests, your hobbies, your passions…your personality.

As you prepare to stock up on back to college clothing and accessories, take a look at this short list of product recommendations to get you first-day ready.


Going off to college usually symbolizes your first step toward the exciting and daunting independence of adulthood. Things like doing laundry, cooking meals, and waking up on time actually become your sole responsibility. But the flipside is that you also get to influence more of your own personal style choices! So when you think about how you want to decorate your living space or accessorize your wardrobe, take a moment to think about the statement you want to make.

Love animals? Check out the popular  “Wolf Lookout” fleece blanket or the “Rising Sun Tiger” throw pillow from our Mountain Home Collection. This unique group of fleece blankets and throw pillows features some of the bestselling designs from top selling categories like  Wolves, Wild Animals, and Aquatic.


Once you’ve determined your dorm (or apartment) décor, you’ll need to pick up some accessories that allow you to take your unique style on the go. There’s two truths in every college student’s life: 1. You inevitably have to carry around a lot of stuff to make it through those long days on campus, and 2. Coffee (or tea) is king! We have just the accessories you need to face the daily grind with impeccable style.

Browse our  collection of tote bags and ceramic mugs to find college essentials that will definitely come in handy. Our totes are available in 3 convenient sizes to fit any and all your needs. Afraid you won’t find a carryall that represents you? Fear not! We put 250 of our bestselling designs on these reusable tote bags, so there truly is something for everyone.

As for our ceramic mugs, we sized them at 15oz to hold plenty of coffee, tea, or whatever you need to get through the day. Also available in many of our top selling designs, these mugs have been flying off the shelves since we added them to our collection in the spring. What’s even more exciting is that we have its portable counterpart –the barista tumbler –slated for release any day now in our new fall 2018 collection.

The truth is that first days will always feel like first days. Make them a little easier with clothing and accessories that truly represent you and the message you want to send to the world.