The Frigid Temperatures of Fairbanks Won't Stop the Arctic German Shepherd Rescue

The Frigid Temperatures of Fairbanks Won't Stop the Arctic German Shepherd Rescue

Posted by Jodie Hoye on 31st Jul 2017

In the middle of the dog days of summer, it's hard to imagine an arctic -40℉. In Fairbanks, Alaska, temperatures are currently in the high 80's, but for the Arctic German Shepherd Rescue (AGSR), the frigid winter months are a hot topic right now. As National Dog Day approaches, we wanted to shine the spotlight on this amazing organization and help spread the word about their rescue and rehabilitation efforts.

AGSR began with one woman and one dog – Carol and Bones. Bones was a "throw away dog" that had been abused, neglected, and starved, and was found along the side of a road one frigid November day. The first time Carol Falcetta looked into the empty eyes of Bones, she saw a dog who had lost all hope. She knew immediately that she and Bones needed each other, and together, Carol and Bones founded the Arctic German Shepherd Rescue.

The mission of AGSR is to help any dog in need. "Rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming abused, neglected, abandoned or unwanted dogs." They provide emergency veterinary care and rehabilitation to all the rescued animals that come in, and maintain a strict application and interview process for adoptions to ensure the dogs are going into safe, loving, and compatible homes.

Carol's work is admirable, to say the least. The shelter is a non-profit organization that is operated by a network of volunteers, most of whom maintain regular full-time jobs. AGSR receives NO funding from the state or any government agency, and operates solely on donations.

"Our biggest need is for an indoor kennel with a training room. Winters here can be 40F below and colder, making training very difficult without an indoor heated area," states Carol. There is also a big need for fencing. Carol's goal for the shelter is to have all 5 acres fenced in for the dogs' safety from moose, bears, and other dogs.

Ready to help? Heck yeah! Visit the AGSR website. You can learn more about the history of Bones and Carol, check out their Wishlist, make a donation through PayPal, and read some of their success stories! Another way to help – SPREAD THE LOVE! Follow AGSR on Facebook and share their story. Carol, her team, and most importantly the dogs thank you!

Watch the rescue's 2016 Year in Review video below and see all of the happy tails and important medical work Carol and her volunteers facilitate for animals in need. (Warning: video contains high levels of doggy cuteness!)