Shopping Hack – Top 10 Graphic T-Shirts for Back to School

Shopping Hack – Top 10 Graphic T-Shirts for Back to School

Posted by Colleen Manzi on 2nd Aug 2017

Let’s face it – kids hate shopping. Or is it more accurate to say parents hate shopping with kids? I don’t know. Shopping is one of those things that you either absolutely love - think anyone that uses the phrase “retail therapy”- or that you abhor the very thought of. It’s not easy. Especially with your darling little ones darting all over the store, so curious and full of wonder! Yeah…

Tell you what… we’ll make it easy on you. Here are our top ten picks for your little munchkins to go back to school in style. You absolutely cannot go wrong with these top picks.

For the Rough & Tumble Boys

1. Peace Out Gecko Kids T-Shirt

Boys and reptiles just sort of go together, so this is a natural fit. Maybe better for the last day of school than the first, but hey, why not grab it now so he can wear it as he’s racing out the door in June? Never a bad idea to plan ahead. Peace. OUT.

Peace Out Gecko T-Shirt
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2. Dogs Selfie Kids T-Shirt

Awwwww… A perfectly adorable graphic t-shirt for your little man to wear to school. Maybe his teacher will be so taken by the cuteness that he or she will overlook the little, shall we say, disruptions… as a mom of two very active boys, I think that could’ve worked for me. Sure wish this shirt was available ten years ago! Whatever works, right? Worth a shot if you ask me.

Dogs Selfie Kids T-Shirt
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3. Lightning Rex Kids T-Shirt

What little boy doesn’t want to wear a t-rex on his shirt? I can’t think of any. This one is just perfect for the little dinosaur fanatic in your life. Pairs well with jeans and dirt.

Lightning Rex Kids T-Shirt
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4. Big Face Baby Orangutan Kids T-Shirt

Can you say ‘adorable’? Seriously. See previous comments above about our Dogs Selfie t-shirt.

Big Face Baby Orangutan Kids T-Shirt
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5. The Duel Kids T-Shirt

Dragons! On a super loud and colorful tee. He’s going to love it. He’ll be the envy of the playground in this show stopper. And you’ll be able to pick him out of a crowd with ease, which is always good when you’ve got a little fella that’s always on the move. That’s why they make those little toddler leashes. Too bad we can’t use those all the way through high school.

The Duel Kids T-Shirt
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For the Adventurous Little Ladies

1. Unicorn Castle Kids T-Shirt

This beauty is sure to be a hit with your little lady. A purple tee with a majestic unicorn graphic, complete with castle and rainbow? This is how you win at parenting. If your little girl is anything like most of the little girls I know, she’ll absolutely adore this and want to wear it every day!

Unicorn Castle Kids T-Shirt
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2. Pounce Chicken Kids T-Shirt

Kittens are a slam dunk no matter how you slice it. Cute and cuddly, pretty in pink... all of that. The kitten portrayed on this t-shirt is ready for snuggles!

Pounce Chicken Kids T-Shirt
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3. Zoo Selfie Kids T-Shirt

This graphic features all of her favorite wild animals posing for their selfie, with the ridiculously cute panda front and center. Whether your little angel is seriously into cute animals, or a bit of a goofball herself, this is a perfect fit. Not sure what’s going on with the cross-eyed lemur. It’s still cute. Wear - selfie - repeat.

Zoo Selfie Kids T-Shirt
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4. Hamster Face Kids T-Shirt

I’m sure you’re sensing a theme here… another adorable animal here in the form of a teensie weensie hamster, with its big black eyes and tiny little feet, all pink and cute. This may save you from having an actual live rodent in the house. Cage or not, I’m not sure how I feel about having rodents in my house. I don’t know about you. But if you can curb the craving for caged animals by giving her this t-shirt instead, I say that’s a no-brainer. Hey, maybe you’ve already lost that battle and she has a little hamster holed up in her room already. Bonus - now she can wear her little muffin on her shirt instead of you having to box the little critter up for show and tell. Gotta be creative. This could work.

Hamster Face Kids T-Shirt
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5. Hope for the Roses Kids T-Shirt

If my parents bought me this one to wear to school I would have worn it like 4 times a week. It’s an indisputable fact of life - little girls and horses are a match made in heaven. I remember pretending that I had an entire herd of horses in my backyard. But enough about me. Let’s think about your horse-crazy little girl and how much she would absolutely love to wear these two beautiful ponies on her t-shirt when she waltzes back to class this fall.

Hope for the Roses Kids T-Shirt
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Hopefully this has been helpful. One stop shopping, right here. And if none of these are quite right for your little one, we have a lot more where they came from! Just browse the site and there’s no doubt you’ll find the perfect t-shirt to send your mini me back to school feeling cool and confident in their new digs. And you just may feel a little better too when you don’t have to drag them from store to store trying on clothes and chasing them through the aisles. You can thank me later.