Mountain Home - Bringing Some Personality to Your Home Decor!

Mountain Home - Bringing Some Personality to Your Home Decor!

14th Sep 2017

T-shirts, yeah, we know T-shirts. As a company we’ve staked our claim and made our name as a global art lifestyle brand by printing bold, artistic designs on our unique mottled T-shirts. Now we’re going to try something else… are you ready for this?

Introducing The Mountain Home Collection
Shown Above: Batik Tour Bus Blanket and Pillow

New this month, we introduce “ Mountain Home” – a collection of blankets, throw pillows and pet beds (launching in three sizes on Monday 9/18!!) featuring the designs and artwork that have attracted legions of fans around the world. A little of this, a little of that… literally something for everyone.

Introducing Pet Beds in The Mountain Home Collection
Pet Beds are Coming Soon!!

As our CEO Kenny Ballard said, “Our T-shirts have long been our bread and butter,” Mountain Home allows us to put our distinctive art on something other than apparel or clothing. People can now decorate around their homes, camps, offices, RVs or dorm rooms while paying homage to nature, their patriotism or their favorite breeds of cats and dogs.”

Mountain Home - Shop Pillows, Blankets, and Pet Beds

We’ve got more than 215 images in Mountain Home blankets (available in either Premium Fleece or Sherpa Fleece fabrics.) We’ve got more than 200 images on throw pillows, too. Next week we’ll have the same images available on a durable pet bed too! Perfect for cats, dogs, whatever these comfy cushions will give your best friend a cozy spot to hunker down and take a nap. Perfect! And they’re totally machine washable too. The outer cover features a zipper, allowing you to remove the cushion from inside so you can throw it in your washer with the rest of your laundry. Win-WIN.

Additional products like cell phone cases, mugs, shower curtains, towels, and maybe even bath mats will be coming on-line in time for the holiday shopping season. We’re going to make your holiday shopping SO easy. You can thank us later.

We’ve got a ton of talented artists that we work with, so exploring as many outlets as we can to deliver their cool designs to customers makes a lot of sense.

So, yeah. Not T-shirts. Something else. Something colorful and fun that you can carry with you throughout your day. We hope you like the new Mountain Home line.

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