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Classroom Ready! The Top 5 Mountain Kids T-Shirts for the First Day of School

Classroom Ready! The Top 5 Mountain Kids T-Shirts for the First Day of School

Posted by Michelle Hendelman on 16th Aug 2018

As Labor Day approaches, so does the first day back to school. No matter what side of the desk you are on, this day is always a bittersweet one. As parents, you are secretly celebrating the sudden liberation from the hectic pace of summer camps, sports, and activities only to dread the slightly more structured chaos of after school activities, functions, and field trips. As kids, you are dreading the return of homework, but excited about defending your championship in the recess kickball rivalry (do kids still play kickball? Four square?).

Either way, this time of the year is punctuated by what just might be the busiest shopping period outside of the holiday season – back to school shopping! If you are still looking for those last few  graphic t-shirts to round out the back to school clothing shopping season, then you have come to the right place.

Every year, we have a lot of fun picking our favorite tees for the kiddos heading back to school. We love the art on our adult t-shirts, but there is definitely an added element of cuteness when you put our classic art on a kids sized tee.

The Top 5 Mountain T-Shirts for Back to School 2018

1. Peace Out Gecko Kid’s T-Shirt

If there is one thing we hope to achieve with our bold t-shirts, it is to help spread a message of peace, love, and happiness. In our opinion, you are never too young to spread this message, which is exactly why we love this peace sign throwing gecko as one of our favorite back to school kid’s t-shirts for 2018.

2. Snow Plow Kid’s T-Shirt

There is just something about the intensity and determination on this wolf’s face that totally captures the essence of going back to school. But if you look closely, you can also see just how much fun this wolf is having bounding through the snow ready to tackle whatever comes his way! This is exactly the feeling we should being taking with us into a brand new school year. Don’t you agree?

3. Zoo Selfie Kid’s T-Shirt

This design is just plain fun and sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face! Going back to school can be a big adjustment for everyone, so it is important to remember to take those moments to just be silly and have fun when you can. This t-shirt from the  Selfies t-shirt collection is a one-of-a-kind addition to your child’s back to school wardrobe.

4. Charging Triceratops Kid’s T-Shirt

No back to school wardrobe would be complete without a fierce dinosaur t-shirt in heavy rotation. This triceratops is ready for anything! Our dinosaur t-shirts are always a big hit with the kids (and sometimes with the big kids, a.k.a. adults too!). We have a feeling you will need to pick up a couple. It is hard to choose just one  dinosaur t-shirt.

5. Protect Bee My Voice Kid’s T-Shirt

Not only does this t-shirt have a super eye-catching graphic, but it also supports a good cause! In fact, every item offered for sale in our Protect Collection is associated with a non-profit conservation group. As we like to say, this collection is all about “Kids for a Cause!” We want to share these important messages of conservation of our animals and lands and at the same time contribute to the efforts of the non-profit groups working to preserve precious lives and resources. Check out the  Protect Collection now.