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Cat Tales Vol. IV: The Cat's in the Bag

Cat Tales Vol. IV: The Cat's in the Bag

Posted by Sheera on 3rd Jul 2018

So yesterday, my favorite Mom-Hole brought home a gift from one of her very sweet co-workers, Page. Page is actually probably the sweetest employee at The Mountain, and I know this for a fact because one of her cats, Rosie, is my best furrend. Anyway, my Mom-Hole brought home this lustrously vibrant, tie-dyed peace sign tote bag. She called it, “Peace Tie Dye Tote Bag.”

The hues represented on this tote bag were shockingly astounding, and it was a total ocular invasion. I had to take quick action to dull the cacophonous colors, so I promptly prodded a cozy nest on the tote bag and settled in for my hourly nap. It was not as cozy as a t-shirt from The Mountain, but I thought for sure that a layer of cat hair would bring this down to a more appropriate level of special cat eye vision. I was wrong. Oh, how I was wrong.

The majestic peace symbol radiated through. A sign of the times, perhaps? Regardless, I purrsisted. So much peace and joy dripped from this awesome sack that I was forced, once again, to close my eyes and nap. What could I do to resolve this harshly optimistic atmosphere? It was in this moment that I realized what I had to do. I took a luxurious bath and formed, what I like to call, a ball of thanksgiving in the back of my throat. 

With a gack, gack here and a gack gack there, I managed to create my own art on the tote bag. An installation piece on peace. It was a true masterpiece that lasted only minutes and was appreciated by none. Mom-Hole #2 wiped clean the tote bag and disposed of my art. The Peace Tie Dye Tote Bag won the battle. Should I take this as a sign? Purrhaps I should give peace a chance.