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Cat Tales - Season 2 - Episode 1

Cat Tales - Season 2 - Episode 1

Posted by Jodie Hoye on 10th Jun 2019

As I perch here on my window sill, smelling the fresh spring birds and feeling inspired, I ponder my humans. They are good people to feed me regularly and maintain an average level of cleanliness in my litter box. They give me free rein of the house and generally leave me to sleep wherever I desire, while only occasionally accidentally closing me in cupboards, drawers, and closets. It's better than the last gig I had (which ended in a tornado, if that tells you anything)! My people, or as I lovingly like to refer to them as, my Mom-Holes, are keepers. To clarify, I choose to keep them. They are not my keepers. They are the type of people who believe in jazz, art, cool t-shirts, and good mustard, and those are four of the eleven factors on which I base my judgment.

The adult female person, Mom-Hole #1, is my spirit animal. She and I are shards of the same broken soul. Together, we squish and snuggle, laugh and cry, and love and love. She inspires me to hone my cat-like reflexes, to improve my purring frequency, and to be the best cat I can be in every waking moment (2 hours a day). She recently inspired this Haiku:

My purr is like wind

I hold you down while dreaming

Of rodent and bird

The adult male person, Mom-Hole #2, is really just OK. He has this obsession with questioning authority, which on principle I am OK with, however, he dares to question ME! For example, he asks me why I have to always throw up on his favorite t-shirt. Can you imagine the nerve?! I mean, I have to eat to endure the stress of living with him. Sometimes I don't know how Mom-Hole #1 does it, but I draw on her strength and optimism daily.

After all this pondering, it's time for a cat nap. Meow.