Big Cats

If you are completely taken with animal shows like "Tiger King," you understand the magic and power of big cats. Each cat has a distinct personality, and all of them have different stories to tell.

Lions, Tigers, Leopards, and More

You don’t have to be as eccentric as Joe Exotic to show your love for these majestic creatures. It only takes quality shirt construction, and a cool design, to let your inner big cat roar.

All these shirts are created by exceptional graphic artists. They feature large face designs, cat family montages, natural and fantasy settings, or humorous twists on feline behavior. A white tiger face is bold, and it conveys the strength of the wearer. Photo-quality jungle cat collections show your concern for world wildlife and habitat preservation. A psychedelic Rastafarian lion is a great way to show utter coolness.

If you are certain that your spirit animal is one of the world’s big cats, The Mountain has the purr-fect shirt for making a connection. Shop our online cat-alog to order a tee that speaks to your soul.

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