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Are you an animal lover? You’re in good company at The Mountain! We offer gorgeous, artist-designed graphic t-shirts that put your love of animals front and center. Choose from plenty of dog t-shirts that let you show off your love of your pooch -- whether the puppers in question is a pug, a bichon frise, a corgi, a Boston terrier, a golden retriever, or another type of dog, we’re very likely to have a shirt that shows your love of the breed! Or maybe your spirit animal isn’t a dog? We also offer shirts with everything from geckos, raccoons, pigs, cats, gorillas, hippos and hamsters, to lions, tigers and bears (oh my!) and everything in between. Classic “three wolf moon” t-shirts? But of course! Whatever type of animal t-shirt you choose, it will be made of pre-shrunk medium weight cotton and dyed with organic dyes, with the printed image applied using non-toxic, eco-friendly inks. If you want to see what other customers thought of their animal t-shirts from The Mountain, check out the enthusiastic reviews on each product page!