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Ali Gulec

  Istanbul-based Ali Gulec is a graphic artist with a difference. His surreal illustrations are like identikit drawings aiming to prosecute the material arts. Working on the margins of what is possible with his medium, Gulec’s forms, figures, and situations are remarkable for their clarity and strength of purpose, and maintain an iconographic intensity that would make any rock band bereft of an album cover salivate with admiration.

From psychedelic llamas to propositional, interrogative tigers, Gulec’s animal menagerie weaves a trippy trajectory from constructivist poster-art to high-impact concert lithographs. Scanning through the artist’s stunning body of work, it is easy to recognize a distinct visual style emerging that has the power to fascinate its audience, deconstruct its subject, and reevaluate its form. Framed by stark objects, the foreground borrows the foliage of the background, and a rich, relational art is brokered with the viewer through Gulec’s truly idiosyncratic style.